Cost Per Wear

26 March 2024

Cost Per Wear isn’t so much a formula as it is a philosophy: buy less stuff, but try to buy better stuff that you’ll feel good wearing, and love so much that you will want to look after. It’s the antithesis to what fast fashion stands for, and by introducing a Cost per Wear mindset, you can be more conscious of the things you choose to buy and more intentional with how you use them. To get the most out of CPW, you have to really love and enjoy the things you own to the degree that you would rather keep your used item over the prospect of a new one. We are very proud that Kuwaii pieces retain a significant portion of their retail value even when worn (up to half of the RRP, depending on season and condition!) We know that it can be so hard to consider clothing and footwear as investment purchases if you’re struggling with money, and there are so many amazing ways you can invest in fantastic pieces without hitting Fast Fashion brands.

We advocate a wardrobe made up of vintage favourites, independent and ethical brands, items swapped or traded, or purchased from second hand boutiques.

We also believe in gifting your old Kuwaii that may not be suited to your wardrobe anymore: although not tangible, gifting a friend or loved one a special piece has a value all of its own.

Cost Per Wear Calculator

Price of piece + cleaning or care costs – expected resale value / total expected wears = Cost per wear.