Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

26 March 2024

Wondering what to do with your Kuwaii Packaging?

All our packaging is either biodegradable, compostable, recyclable or reusable, and we are always looking at ways to do better while we strive towards a fully circular system where absolutely none of our packaging hits landfill. Whether you shop with us online or visit us in store, we would like to introduce to you the Kuwaii Reuse and Recycle Guide, to help all our customers in responsibly disposing of – or lovingly reusing – our packaging.


In 2018 we were one of the very first businesses to switch our online store postage to a fully compostable option. We were really proud of this initiative and we know our customers have loved it too. When you purchase online.


  • Our ComPOST satchels are made entirely from corn starch and are completely biodegradable. You can dispose of these in your personal or community compost, or bring them into our Brunswick store where we can compost these for you. *note these are unable to be placed in your council green bin for composting.


  • We also use Sellotape’s biodegradable sticky tape, which is made from regenerated wood pulp. If you receive any packaging from Kuwaii where sticky tape has been used, you can dispose of this in your compost too.


  • Your clothing order will be wrapped in tissue paper, which we recommend you rip into small pieces and compost.


  • Your footwear order will be packed in recycled Kraft paper offcuts from our Head Office pattern-making room, and a recycled Kraft box which you can either re-use, recycle or cut into small pieces and compost

  • Occasionally we may need to post out online orders using an Australia Post Express Satchel. These plastic satchels can be recycled through Australia Post’s partnership with TerraCycle, which you can read more about here. You can also return your Express Satchel to any Kuwaii store and we can recycle this on your behalf

We know that the packaging we source and pass on to our customers will always have an environmental impact, so we put a lot of thought into carefully considering what we would like to pass on to you through your purchases.


In Store

In 2018 we started to phase out our paper shopping bag and replace them with Hemp Eco-totes. All of the other packaging that we pass on to you can be disposed of responsibly.

  • We recommend that tissue paper is ripped into small pieces and composted.

  • Kuwaii hemp bags, which are now available to purchase in every Kuwaii store as we phase out our paper bags. These hemp bags can be used each time you shop with us, as well as for groceries. Hemp is also a completely biodegradable fibre, so this bag can one day be composted

  • Paper receipts can be ripped into pieces and composted (and are also printed on 100% recycled paper)

  • Kuwaii ‘Thank You’ cards can be recycled

  • Kuwaii Shoe boxes can be used for storing your shoes in or else for storage in the home (see Marie Kondo’s amazing tips!)

  • Swing tags can be torn into strips and composted, the cotton string can either be re-used or composted, and the safety pin saved for reuse



If you have any ideas or innovative ways we can reduce our footprint, or novel ways you have re-used our packaging, we’d love to hear from you at