Caring For Your Kuwaii

Much like any other important relationship in your life, giving your Kuwaii pieces a little time, attention and love will help them stay in their best condition and keep them by your side season after season.

We’ve written some detailed information for you to get the best and longest life out of your beautiful Kuwaii items below.

Altering or Repurposing Kuwaii Garments and Footwear

We’re proud to offer our Repairs Program on Kuwaii garments or footwear for those who need small repairs to their Kuwaii.

Occasionally, you may want to make alterations beyond our program. If you’re thinking of altering or repurposing a Kuwaii garment, please use our trusted alterations partners:

  • My Perfect Fit (Brunswick)
  • LookSmart Alterations (Melbourne CBD)
  • Uno’s Mode Expert Tailoring (Melbourne CBD)
  • Second Stitch (Coburg)

For over-dying a Kuwaii garment to update the colour or cover over a particularly bad stain, we recommend Cullachange in Surry Hills.