Winter Classics — 16 Years Of Kuwaii

A letter from our Designer, Kristy.

"It's been 16 years since the first Kuwaii collection was released. I feel like I've grown up through my Kuwaii designs. I was 26 when I graduated, 27 when I started working on Kuwaii, and 28 when the first collection was released. Now, I’m 44, it's such a gift to look back on 16 years of creating so much beauty, and being able to work with so many brilliant and talented people over that time."

"What moves me most is thinking about all the pieces we've created over the years — whether for special occasions or everyday wear, each piece carries your memories with it. Special moments embedded into the fibres of each piece. You can tell the love that has been given and received in Kuwaii pieces. For me, the joy of knowing our products bring simple, everyday happiness is immeasurable."

"The longevity of our products stands as a testament to their quality. Proudly Ethically Made in Melbourne, Kuwaii has withstood many challenges over the years, always buoyed by the support of customers and those who truly care about keeping small, ethical businesses alive. I never take your support for granted."

These 16 products chosen from our archives are

— 100% made ethically in Melbourne

— 100% archival classic styles

— 80%+ crafted from Kuwaii remnant surplus fabrics

— Limited Editions, with less than 30 made of each piece

"Although life in independent fashion is never easy – it’s still a dream for me to dedicate myself to Kuwaii everyday."

— Kristy Barber, Kuwaii Designer & Director