Classic Pants Guide

An A-Z of our coveted Classic Pants

Our five Classic Pant styles are affectionately known as the Magic Pants by customers near and far, thanks to their incredible fit that flatters countless shapes and sizes.

We've developed an easy guide to help you find your perfect pair. Explore our collection of classic and timeless styles, all made ethically right here in Melbourne, and we're confident you'll discover a pant shape that suits you perfectly.

Classic Tailored Pant
Tapered Leg • Cropped To Ankle
Sizes 4 - 24

Developed and designed by Kuwaii founder Kristy, our original classic pant was launched in Winter 2013. It became the "Classic Tailored Pant" in 2015 when it found its perfect match in the incredible cotton blend 4-way stretch fabric. This style was an instant hit and later became the cult classic we know it as today.

The original Classic Tailored Pant features a perfectly high waistband and skims beautifully over the hips. The angled pockets nod to structural details, with a delicate curved waistband perfect for showing off with a top tucked in. The leg shape of the Tailored Pant is designed to skim the leg and finish just above the ankle bone, but you can fold the hem up one extra level for a shorter leg length. These pants look incredible with a lace-up shoe such as our Sloan Shoe.

Classic Wide Leg Tailored Pant
Wide Leg • Cropped To Ankle
Sizes 4 - 24

The Wide Leg Tailored Pant, introduced in 2018, is the second iteration of our classic pant. This style is designed with a perfect cropped length to showcase a winter boot or a statement shoe. It tends to fit slightly larger than the original Tailored Pant, making it a great option for those between sizes. Our plus-size customers particularly appreciate the fit and shape of the Wide Leg.

This style features the same beautiful detailing as the original Tailored Pant but with a structured and striking A-line leg silhouette that finishes at the calf. It's especially flattering for petite customers, with its angular and shapely design ideal for pairing with ankle boots, ensuring perfect outfit proportions.

Arcadia Pant
Straight Leg • Full Length
Sizes 6 - 20

Introducing the Arcadia Pant: our newest classic pant silhouette, introduced in 2022.
The word Arcadia embodies the dream of a serene paradise where life is lived in simple harmony - and this is the perfect pant for a thoughtful, minimalist wardrobe made up of hard-working classic pieces.

This style was designed for a slightly taller customer who likes their pant to cover their ankles, while our classic Tailored Pant and Wide Leg Tailored Pant are both designed to show the ankles off. The Arcadia is cut to a very slightly boot cut leg silhouette. The magic of the Arcadia can be found in its structural waistband details, the forgiving and comfortable 4-way stretch fabric, and its elegant yet timeless leg shape.

Cigarette Pant
Close Fit • Cropped To Ankle
Sizes 6 - 16

Created in the same beloved fabric as our Classic Tailored Pants, the Cigarette Pant has been a favorite since 2017. This style boasts a flattering fit with a sleek, flat-front design and a discreet side zipper. They sit slightly cropped at ankle length, allowing you to showcase your favorite shoes in style.

Versatility is at the core of our design philosophy, and the Cigarette Pant embodies this. These pants effortlessly transition from workwear to weekend wear, offering comfort, practicality, and endless styling options for all seasons. They are perfect for layering under tunics, dresses, and longer tops, making them a truly adaptable wardrobe staple.

Ghost Pant
Wide Leg • Full Length
Sizes 6 - 20

The Ghost Pant was first released in Winter 2020, filling a valuable spot in our classic pant collection. Designed for our incredible taller customers who often requested our classic pants in a longer, full-leg length, the Ghost Pant is a reliable choice for any event, seamlessly transitioning from one season to the next.

This piece features the same beautiful detailing that customers know and love from the original Classic Tailored Pant but with a structured and striking full-length A-line leg silhouette that beautifully skims your footwear. The Ghost Pant is a very structural pant that looks amazing with tops tucked in, and the comfort level of this pant is incomparable!