Our Repairs Program

Bring your Kuwaii clothing back to us, and we’ll patch, darn and mend them back into your life.

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If you’re able to repair something, it’s much more likely to last. We incorporate this ethos into our pieces from the beginning, and select materials that are hard-wearing and easy to fix. 

We’re proud to offer our life-long repairs program on any Kuwaii item of clothing, while lifelong repairs on our footwear can be handled by our authorised repairers.

Simply bring your garment back to us, and we will advise on repair options and costs. For more information, you can email contact@kuwaii.com.au or speak to our staff in any store.

Please ensure that any item brought in for repair is freshly washed and clean.

Out of respect for our repairers and to get the best result on your repair, we can’t accept any soiled or dirty items.
 If a garment is deemed unclean by our team, we may have to return it to you. Please make sure any shoes are deodorised and cleaned before bringing them in.

Simply bring your items into any Kuwaii store or contact us to arrange repairs.

Please refer to our recommendations on Wear, Care, Repair page, to get the most life from your Kuwaii pieces.

Number of garments repaired so far: 538 and counting

Number of pairs of shoes repaired: 267 and counting

Kuwaii Secondhand pieces are not covered by our warranty repair program, but we are happy to repair them through our Lifetime Repair Program.

Lifelong Clothing Repairs

We are here to assist with stained, ripped, or torn Kuwaii garments. Our services include replacing damaged panels, invisibly mending tears, replacing zips and buttons, and sewing up seams. You are welcome to visit any of our stores to collect a spare button for your favourite well-loved Kuwaii item.

Repair Policy:

Garments under 6 months old are generally repaired free of charge.

For items over 6 months, a repair fee may apply. Please see the indicative pricing below. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the repair.

Indicative Pricing:

  • New Button: $5
  • Darning a Small Hole or Pull: $20
  • Simple Seam Repairs: $25
  • Mending a Hem: $25
  • Button Hole Repair: $40
  • Zip Replacement: $75
  • Complicated Panel Replacements: from $175

Lifelong clothing repairs take approximately 4-6 weeks, while warranty repairs take 2-4 weeks. You can email or call our customer service team or visit a store for more information.

We also recommend building a relationship with a trusted local tailor or seamstress. For recommendations, please visit our page here.

Shoe Repairs

Due to changes with our manufacturer, we can no longer offer lifelong shoe repairs. However, we still have many options to keep your precious Kuwaii shoes in rotation.

  • For shoes under 6 months old, bring them to Kuwaii, and we will repair most issues free of charge through our in-house warranty program. Repairs take 4-6 weeks.
  • For shoes older than 6 months, please visit our recommended repairers for a more cost-effective and quicker solution:

Barkly Square, Brunswick
(03) 9387 8286

Manfred's Shoe Lounge
62-64 Errol St, North Melbourne
(03) 9329 0715

Evans Shoe Repair
Royal Arcade, 150 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
(03) 9650 2405

On the Mend Shoe Repairs
328 Nicholson St, Fitzroy VIC
(03) 9939 5483

Rekaris Shoe Repair
285 Bell St, Coburg
(03) 9350 1542

Hamid Zapatero
260 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern
0467 512 305

Our signature Kuwaii pink protective sole is a replaceable layer to prevent wear and tear. You can purchase a new protective sole from us directly here and have it attached by your local cobbler. This is compatible with most Kuwaii shoes. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us for clarification.

For further information on our repair policies or to suggest a trusted cobbler, please get in touch at contact@kuwaii.com.au.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or for additional details!