Please note as of September 2023, the Re-Worn program has been paused until further notice. We are working in the background to re-launch the program in 2024.

What happens to the returned items?

Garments deemed still wearable are prepared for re-selling to prolong their useful life. These are sold as our Kuwaii Secondhand Marketplace pieces in our stores intermittently throughout the year. Sign up to our newsletter to be made aware of the next Secondhand Marketplace. 

Garments that need minor patching or repairs are carefully mended. We keep an archive of past fabrics so we can usually match fabrics for patches. Depending on their condition, we prepare these garments for resale or donation.

Garments that are deemed unwearable or unrepairable are made into other products such as cleaning cloths or rags.

At the very end of life, the garment will be dismantled and sent to our partner recycling mill. From there, the garment is processed and the usable components are recycled into new and useful items.