Kuwaii × Ruby Bovill

Kuwaii is pleased to launch our Spring/Summer collaboration with Brunswick based artist Ruby Bovill on a signature print for our SS23/24 Collection titled ‘Odyssey’.

Ruby’s works are representative of environment and identity. Her art aims to provide viewers with an opportunity to connect to nature in urban environments. These special pieces are printed on 100% linen natural fabric that will biodegrade at the end of the garment’s life, consciously crafted right here in Melbourne. 100% of the textile waste from these pieces will be collected and recycled, meaning the entire life cycle is accounted for— from conception, production, wear and then end of life. Each of these pieces are “walking artworks” - designed especially to love and treasure, and delight and inspire the wearer. 

We invite you to explore our collaborative pieces that encourage quiet contemplation and reflection on connection to place, with the opportunity for you to purchase your own special piece of our ‘Odyssey’. Shop The Collection Here.

Images of Ruby shot in her home studio and surrounds in Brunswick, shot by Kalindy Williams.

"Getting into the bush, walking through the rainforest or looking out over a beautiful view over the environment just fills me with inspiration and I can’t wait to get back to the canvas and put that down. I like to think of my paintings being an opportunity for people to connect with that environment without having to be there themselves."
— Ruby Bovill

"My process usually involves getting into the bush or the natural environment and filling up my cup with inspiration. Then at some point, I'll head back to the studio, and with some photos I might have taken I will sketch up some images and then basically hit the paints straight away. I like to not plan too much and see what happens."
— Ruby Bovill

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