Clothing Size Guide

The Importance of Fit

Fitting is a process that begins before the first pattern piece is cut at Kuwaii, and continues throughout the entire construction process of any pieces.
It is the key to looking and feeling amazing in your clothing. A perfectly fitted piece will also last longer, because it’s not being put under pressure in areas or seams that it shouldn’t.
So little emphasis is put on fits in these days of fast fashion, but not at Kuwaii, we spend so much time, energy and passion getting our fits just perfect for our customers – so that you can look and feel amazing.

Size Guides

Find your suggested size based on our measurements below.
Please note sizing charts are a guideline only and for specific or detailed fit queries please contact us on 03 9380 5731 or


Kuwaii Sizes Bust Waist Hip
6 XS 82cm-87cm 60cm-65cm 85cm-90cm
8 S 87cm-92cm 65cm-70cm 90cm-95cm
10 M 92cm-97cm 70cm-75cm 95cm-100cm
12 L 97cm-102cm 75cm-80cm 100cm-105cm
14 XL 102cm-107cm 80cm-85cm 105cm-110cm


Kuwaii Sizes Waist Hip Length
6 XS 60cm-65cm 85cm-90cm 91cm
8 S 65cm-70cm 90cm-95cm 92cm
10 M 70cm-75cm 95cm-100cm 93cm
12 L 75cm-80cm 100cm-105cm 94cm
14 XL 80cm-85cm 105cm-110cm 95cm


Kuwaii Sizes Bust Waist
6 XS 82cm-87cm 60cm-65cm
8 S 87cm-92cm 65cm-70cm
10 M 92cm-97cm 70cm-75cm
12 L 97cm-102cm 75cm-80cm
14 XL 102cm-107cm 80cm-85cm