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The Kuwaii May Round Up

Our monthly staff selection of the books, hobbies, recipes, muses (and more!) that have been keeping us motivated and inspired.
Plus, The Kuwaii May Playlist perfected for your ears and ready to be played all day long.

Above: Rachel – I’ve been picking up some flowers from my local green grocer each week and either arranging them in a vase or hand tie, sometimes even pressing them between heavy books. It’s been a great way to reduce my screen time and destress.

Above Left: Julia – I’ve been reading Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney this month, I’m obsessed! It’s quite an easy read with really relatable characters.

Above Right: Isobel – I’m really enjoying my old hobby of furniture restoration. I love taking old, worn things and giving them new life!

Above Left: Emma – I find Lou Doillon very inspiring, and for the last two months, every day between 5pm-6pm (Paris time) she’s been reading from her favourite books, live on Instagram. Her backdrop is her homely wall of books and treasures, and she’s usually dressed in something very romantic like a vintage silk nightgown. Lou is wonderful company!
Watch Lou Doillon read here

Above Right: Jessica – At home I’ve been enjoying the NGV’s online content. The virtual tours are amazing and showcase lots of artworks from the vault/ exhibitions that I never got a chance to see. The other day I really enjoyed listening to ‘Floe’. This is artwork is by sounds artist, Philip Samartzis, capturing amazing sounds from Antarctica.
You can find it here

Above Left: Kristy – I have loved watching this documentary ‘Teenage Superstars’ about the music scene in Glasgow in the 1980-90s! Inspiring music, fantastic outfits & hair and I loved learning about a music scene I didn’t know much about.

Above Right: Erica – I’m part of a Quarantine Cooking group from around the world, and have been trying lots of different recipes in the kitchen. One of my favourites is Baked Mushroom and Spinach Risotto! It’s a great comfort dish that I love making during the cold months. As I usually cook for myself, this a great small recipe that creates enough for a serving for dinner and leftovers for lunch, to bring to work! P.s – for another twist add pre-roasted pumpkin in for added flavour. Here is the recipe Erica uses (minus the bacon to make it vegetarian-friendly!).

Above: Jade – I’ve loved watching the ‘Normal People’ tv series, adapted from the Sally Rooney novel. It’s one of my favourite books, and to see all the characters and places come to life so beautifully has been so special! I think they definitely did the book justice.

Above Left: Pip – I’ve been loving the book ‘My Sister the Serial Killer’ by Oyinkan Braithwaite. Set in Nigeria ‘My sister the serial killer’ took me out of my iso cocoon into a world of loyalty, love and dangerous impulses. Family comes first in this book, it is a quick read, dark, entertaining and a completely wild ride.

Above Right: Melanie – I have LOVED even more consciously supporting small and local Businesses in our Brunswick community, who all have offered incredible service & safe shopping options. I have loved The Brunswick East Wine Shop & Alchemy Brewing both on Lygon Street, Brunswick Bound for reading Material for my nights in, Lobbs for takeaway Coffees, and La Manna for Organic produce for all that home cooking!
Fellow Brunswick locals can support these amazing businesses here
Brunswick Wine
Alchemy Brewing
Brunswick Bound
Lobbs Cafe

Kuwaii Tunes

We’ve created the perfect Autumnal playlist as your May listening companion.
Hit play here, or click through to save it down and listen on repeat (which we’re currently doing each work day!).