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Staff Stories
Pets of Kuwaii

In this edition of Staff Stories, we asked our team to share some photos of their beloved pets — of all shapes and sizes.
There are a lot of loveable cats, some adorable pups, and even a 14 year old turtle!

Meet our very cute critters (and honorary members of the Kuwaii team!).

Above: Emma’s new kitten Nigel.

Above Left: Geordan and her new puppy Nico.
Above Right: Melanie and her cat London.

Above: Kristy with her cats Wilma and Strudel.

Above Left: Rachel and her cat Otto.
Above Right: Jessica’s turtle Romeo.

Above Left: Emma’s new kitten Nigel. (He gets a double mention because, well look at him!)
Above Right: Jade and her Cats Olive and Weenie.

Above: Robin and her favourite housemate Bart.

Above Left: Julia and her cat Jiji.
Above Right: Averil’s cat Boopsy.