Designing For Forever – A Letter from Kristy – Kuwaii

Designing For Forever – A Letter from Kristy

Dear Customers,

It was six months ago that we sent you our new manifesto: outlining our new way of producing. The lessons learnt over the last year have been profound and impactful, and as we turned further away from the traditional “churn” model of the fashion industry, we have felt buoyed by your support, and strengthened by our new ways.

We come off the back of this difficult yet pivotal year to present to you another small and limited edition collection: Classics Re-editions SS2021, designed exclusively from production surplus fabrics, with the focus on excellent craftsmanship, minimising our waste and environmental impact, creating truly impeccable pieces that you will love for many years to come.

Nowhere are our principles more evident than in our range of “Classics”. These are our best-selling pieces that we continue from season to season, and which create the basis of each Kuwaii collection. These pieces are beautiful and timeless, made to last with the wearer and to be loved through their lifetime. These are the pieces you know, trust and love: reliable friends who stand the test of time.

Never have we felt so steadfast in our beliefs: and so we proudly present to you this small collection of thoughtful new pieces: designed expecially to be right for the weather and the mood of now. In some ways this collection feels like a small miracle: pulled together while our team worked from home, photographed after the lockdowns eased, finding small pockets of inspiration in an otherwise dark time.

We hope you love it,