Ash – Kuwaii

Ashlee Pierce

Where do you live?
Northcote Melbourne

What do you love about living there?
It’s laidback, cultural and interesting. There is always something new on offer while still being only a stones throw from the city.

What is your occupation?
Fashion Designer, plant lover.

I love anything to do with gardening and getting my green thumb on. I like to try my hand at different things depending on what I have time for. Ceramics, drumming. I love getting out to see live music whenever I can.

Favourite time of the day?
Dusk. Sucker for a sunset.

What are you currently…
Reading? A book about the history and principles of Palmistry.
Listening to? Terrible Truths/Angel Olsen/Royal Headache.
Watching? currently living without a TV or Netflix but was last hooked on The Wire.

Dream Holiday destination?
Japan. Take me back any time.

Life Motto?
I think it’s important to take risks. You never know what is possible unless you are willing to take a leap of faith.