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A Sneak Peek
Our Designer Kristy’s Home

Our Designer Kristy recently welcomed us into her home as a part of a Melbourne Fashion Week series, and we wanted to share the beautiful images with you as well.

Scroll through for a sneak peek of the most special and sentimental pieces that make up her sanctuary – and read more about what makes each one so beloved to her.

Three of my lovingly tended (but mostly ignored) houseplants in a small selection of my vintage macrame hanger collection. I’ve been collecting vintage macrame for many years and I have so many that aren’t even hung yet! The image is a Bananarama Poster by David Shrigley which I inherited from a close friend. We have a collection of naive and outsider art in our house, which has been collected over the years second hand and here and there, here’s just some of it.

Another collection of special trinkets and gifts. I especially love the heavy copper shelf found in hard rubbish in Brunswick.

We have been baking and enjoying coffee in our yard. Every little ceramic in our home tells a special and sentimental story – the Moomin cup purchased in Finland and the blue one a gift from a special family member.

During quarantine, I have been really enjoying picking up some of my vintage coffee table books that I never seem to have the chance to flick through. Here’s my all time faves for inspiration and time spent dreaming.

A dear friend painted this for our family, it’s so special to us. I especially love Wilma’s little white paw on my leg.