A letter to our customers – Kuwaii

A letter to our customers

Dear Customers, Friends and extended family of Kuwaii

Today we premier our spring-summer collection ‘Chronicle’. It seems like a lifetime ago we began this range – indeed the range was finished and photographed way back in March 2020 – it was one of the last things we accomplished before the first lockdowns set in.

We wanted Chronicle to tell our story – and so, each piece that we created for Chronicle was based off an existing piece in our archives. Not a single new silhouette was created, and our aim of designing like this was to stand by our principle that clothing doesn’t need to be trend based, and can timeless; built to last and be loved. Secondly, the design process in itself had started to feel intrinsically wasteful – every 6 months we re-invented the wheel with no time for thoughtful reflection. Design for design’s sake had started to feel empty, exhausting and pointless.

So we present to you Chronicle as a collection of special and beautiful pieces, designed to be worn over and over. These are the pieces you will keep and you will remember. In yellowing photos of the years passing: you will look back and remember these. These pieces will be your Chronicle.

We proudly introduce you to our print collaborator: Charlotte Alldis. Charlotte’s paintings are so full of emotion, love and joy. In fact, I have looked toward this print over the dark months of winter to inspire myself, keep strength and faith, and keep looking forward. The original painting by Charlotte was painted as a birthday gift for her best friend – and I am sure you can feel the love that exists in the brushstrokes of the work that Charlotte made. Looking at the print now, it is the perfect joyful celebration to punctuate the end of a dark and difficult winter.

As a company, team and individuals, it is fair to say that the months between the first blooms of inspiration for Chronicle, and now, have transformed us. And we come out of the pandemic stronger, more resolute, and permanently changed. We have learnt lessons about ourselves and the fashion industry, and we have made decisions that will shape our business over the years to come.

Please enjoy this special preview of Chronicle. We highly recommend pre-orders this season, as many of our Chronicle styles are incredibly limited. Most of our styles will be produced in hand numbered editions – like an artwork to treasure.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. Over the last 6 months we have felt buoyed by the support of our customers and we feel truly and deeply thankful to have the support of such a beautiful and loving community.

Thank you