Garment Recycling Program – Kuwaii

Garment Recycling Program

Launching as a celebration of Fashion Revolution Week.

Fast fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, second only to Big Oil. It’s a pretty awful reality. This high turnover model is directly responsible for some of our planet’s most critical environmental issues, including the carbon impact of global transportation, mass consumption of non-renewable energy, and landfill overload. It’s an un-sustainable system, and one that we’re determined to help change. So this Fashion Revolution Week, we are proud to launch our Garment Recycling Program.

If your Kuwaii garment has reached the end of its long life cycle after being lovingly cared for and worn by you, please return your cherished piece back to us, and we will recycle it on your behalf. Your garment will be given another life in a new form; we will look at any way of re-purposing your item, and if we can’t, we will send it to our partners to be recycled into new textile material. And you will receive a $20 Kuwaii voucher with every recycled item!

Our goal is to avoid any of our clothing ever hitting landfill, and this is another way for us to take this into our own control.

For more information on the program, email our helpful staff at, or download a copy of our Garment Returns Form and postal information here.

– Clothing must be freshly laundered when it is returned to us
– Please include your downloadable form with your item in the post