Wear, Care, Repair

A guide for garment caring

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. It’s a nasty reality, but one that we can all play our part to reduce. Many of our customers don’t realise that up to 80 percent of a garment’s carbon footprint takes place after it has left the shop floor. Simple changes in they way you wash and care for your clothing can make a big difference on the environment, as well as making sure your garments last as long as possible.

Kinder washing

We recommend keeping your washing to a minimum to prolong the life of your garments, and to reduce your use of water, energy and detergents. Try spot cleaning to remove any small marks to get more wear between washes. An eco-friendly baby wipe like WotNot can work miracles, just make sure you test on an inconspicuous part of the garment first. 

When a proper wash is needed, we recommend cold handwashing. It’s much kinder to your clothes and the environment. Not sure how to handwash? We’ve pulled together our expert tips to give you an easy step-by-step:

1.Make a cold wash bath

Think of handwashing as giving your clothes a bath – you need to get the tub nice and ready before putting your Kuwaii garment into it! The force of water straight from a tap can cause stress on the fabric, and detergent can be more difficult to rinse out when poured directly onto clothing. So instead, fill your sink or basin with cool water and add the recommended dose of a good quality detergent as it’s filling – we love Eco Store or Earth Choice, which are both vegan and not tested on animals. Swish the detergent in the water to make sure it has completely dissolved, then lay your garment in the water and gently press it down to fully immerse it.

2. Be gentle with stains

Aggressive scrubbing can damage fabrics, especially fragile ones. Treat stains by gently working some natural stain remover or liquid detergent into the stain with your fingertips. Then, as it soaks, gently squeeze the sudsy water through the garment several times. Most garments will be clean in less than 5 minutes.

3. Cold, clean rinse

Holding garments under running water could stretch delicate fabrics. So instead, rinse your item the same way you washed it – in a sink of clean, cold water. When you’ve finished washing, scoop the entire garment out of the soapy water with both hands for support, and fill the sink or basin with clear water. Gently press the garment to immerse it into the water, and pull your garment gently back and forth through the water until there is no trace of suds left. You may need to replace the rinsing water to remove all the suds.

4. Remove excess water

Scoop your garment out of the water with both hands and gently squeeze excess water out, being careful not to twist or wring it. Then, lay it flat on an absorbent towel and roll the towel and garment together, gently squeezing as you go.

5. Flat drying

To ensure that your favourite Kuwaii item keeps its perfect shape, lay your washed garment on top of a dry towel and carefully mould it back into shape, and then lay both the towel and the garment over the flat section of a clothes horse. Allow it to air dry in the shade, turning over once the top is dry to let the underneath dry, too. If the dry garment is wrinkled, check the care label for appropriate ironing temperature, and if necessary, press the garment gently to finish. To save valuable resources and extend the life of your clothing, never place your Kuwaii item in the tumble dryer.

Green Dry cleaning

Sometimes, dry cleaning is necessary. Certain fabrics like silk, or special garments like jackets, will be damaged by washing, so in these cases we recommend using a green dry cleaner – like our friends at Daisy. While traditional dry cleaners use a toxic chemical called perchloroethylene to clean garments, eco conscious cleaners like Daisy are changing the dry-cleaning game by using water as the primary solvent. This type of cleaning is a lot less toxic, and reduces carbon emissions.

Prolonging the life of your garments


  • Choose well and buy carefully
  • Don’t wear any one piece of clothing or footwear every day
  • Follow the washing instructions carefully!
  • Treat stains straight away
  • Wash less & only when necessary
  • Mend, repair and tailor.
  • Dress for the occasion
  • Respect Your Belongings
  • Store your clothing properly – Hang your clothes & use good hangers. No wire.
  • Air clothing after wearing and before it is put away
  • Never store clothing dirty

Wear, Care, Repair

A guide for footwear caring

Unlike most fashion footwear on the market these days, Kuwaii shoes are made to last you much longer than just one season. We are very proud of the quality of our footwear. The way we make our shoes is complicated, time-consuming and takes a lot of patience, skill and care. When you purchase a pair of Kuwaii shoes, you are making a real investment in your wardrobe – one that we hope you’ll be happy about for many years to come. Much like any other important relationship in your life, giving your shoes a little time, attention and love will help them stay in their best condition, and will keep them by your side season after season

Golden rules

#1. Prevention is better than cure.

#2. Take care of the sole. Place a Topy sole protector on your shoe’s sole within one month of purchase.

#3. Weatherproof your shoes often.

#4. Don’t over-wear your shoes. We recommend having three pairs on rotation.

#5. Store your shoes lovingly.

#6. Condition and polish the leather at least once per season.

#7. Always undo the fastening before removing your shoes.

#8. Bring your shoes back to us if they need repair or renovation.

Leather care

Leather is a beautiful material, but it’s also a natural product that once belonged to a living animal. This means that each piece of leather, and every Kuwaii shoe, is unique. Even shoes that are made from the same hide will have slight differences in the leather, which can become more noticeable as the leather wears over time.
 Spray your shoes with a high-quality water-repellent and use a conditioning cream every month, but remember that a little goes a long way! Follow with a quality polish applied with a soft cloth, and use a shoe brush as needed.Good results are built over time. If your Kuwaii shoes get wet, let them dry naturally and put some scrunched up newspaper inside them to help them keep their shape. Never dry your shoes in front of a heater or fan as this could warp the leather.

Suede care

Spray with a protector often, and brush with a suede brush to remove any dirt and revive the suede. If your suede shoes are particularly dirty or looking in bad shape, try giving them a gentle steam clean. Hold your shoes above the steam from a kettle for a few seconds, and then gently brush with a suede brush. We all need a break sometimes. Your shoes need rest time between wears, too – it gives them a chance to aerate and relax back into shape, and stops them from wearing out too fast. We recommend that you have at least three pairs of shoes on rotation.

Sole care

Even the toughest soles wear out. Streets are rough, and if you wear your shoes often – especially in a wet city like Melbourne – you’ll need to replace your soles every 10-12 months. We also recommend placing a Topy Sole Protector on your soles within one month of purchase.

Shoe Renovation & Repair

We want you to get as much wear out of your shoes as possible, so we offer a renovation and repair service. If your shoes are looking a little worn out, or if they need resoling, bring them into our Brunswick store or email us at contact@kuwaii.com.au. We’ll assess your shoes and talk you through the options and prices to bring your favourite footwear back to life. View our Footwear repair price list here


We value our customers and the integrity of our products, and are happy to offer a six-month warranty on any manufacturing faults or defects. In the rare case that a manufacturing fault arises, we will repair your shoes free of charge. However, this will not apply if the damage is caused by overwear or overuse – we expect our customers to care for their shoes with the same careful attention we give to their design and manufacture.

We are always happy to give further information about our warranty and repair policies, so please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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