Established in 2008 by designer Kristy Barber, Kuwaii is duly esteemed for making beautiful, intelligently designed clothing and footwear for women.

Kuwaii is an inimitable alternative to mass-produced fashion. Made in Australia, Melbourne to be precise, each article is meticulously designed to last, and to be cherished.

Refined, detailed and romantic, form and function find accord in modern shapes, clean lines and impeccable tailoring. Kuwaii collections are characterised by masterful technique, quality fabrics and materials.

Inspiration is drawn from stimulating theorems and natural beauty—whether hidden or plain to see. Musings come to life with innovative design and considered production.

Immaculate, light-filled Kuwaii stores can be found in Brunswick and the Melbourne’s Cathedral Arcade, in the foot of the iconic Nicholas Building.


Kuwaii pieces evolve from environmental reflection and contemplation about everyday life, to become sartorial staples—classic pieces that evoke effortless sophistication, innate beauty and confidence, and are made to last.

Our Ethics

Kuwaii is committed to upholding excellence in manufacturing and to supporting local industry: all Kuwaii collections are made in Melbourne. From the start, designer Kristy Barber’s motivation has been to create beautiful, timeless clothing as alluring alternatives to the onslaught of mass-made, poor-quality garments flooding the market.

Processes are carefully overseen to ensure garments and shoes are produced to the highest standards. Environmentally friendly fabrics are chosen, where possible, with sustainable fibres tencel and lyocell featuring in each collection.

Each piece has been carefully considered with the customer in mind. Practicality, elegance, comfort and attention to detail are at the forefront of the Kuwaii philosophy.

Kuwaii has built strong personal relationships with makers who work on each piece with genuine care and an outstanding level of skill. Each season, Kuwaii works with makers to track how products are costed to ensure workers are paid a fair wage.

We are excited to be sharing more about our manufacturing and supply chain process with our customers in the coming months.